It’s taken them a week to stop falling out…just before going back to school as usual. They are upstairs playing in a den I made them. I added an extra bit on the back which made it even “cooler” as now it has a “conservatory”. That’s middle class playing if ever I’ve heard it.

Their relationship is pretty normal I think. They love each other to pieces, get into bed together when they can’t sleep, hug each other, and have even made up a special gesture they do to each other which means “sisters”. They also bicker, fight and drive each other, and me, crazy.
This morning we were discussing what they wanted to be when they get older. Tilly said “scientist” as always. Phoebe said “when I grow up I’m going to tell Tilly what to do”. Ah the balance of power is always a tricky one.


  1. my three fight like cats and dogs one minute then huddle up together sharing secreats the next! I love the tender moments between them and I try to remind myself that they do indeed love each other when tentions are frayed! love Phoebes ambitions for when she is older 🙂 x


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