New start…again

Well this week I’ve joined Slimming World with my friend. We did Weightwatchers together successfully about ten years ago but needed a change and have jumped in with both trainer clad feet.

So we did what you do in these circumstances and went to a meeting. It felt a little bit like we were in a sitcom. After the super speedy explanation of the diet which left me feeling more than a little confused we got weighed then settled down for the meeting itself. During which there was a raffle to win a very small basket of fruit and what looked like a bottle of balsamic vinegar and some bovril.
Quite a lot of people stayed for the meeting which was a surprise since the leader launched straight into questioning an unfortunate lady as to why she had put a pound on this week. Clearly most of those who had gained weight had made a swift exit. Admitting dieting no nos required nerves of steel. I was extremely impressed by the lady who ate the Easter egg destined for her niece and was only surprised that she didn’t finish her comment with “so stick that in your pipe and smoke it”. Maybe fear of ridicule is a motivator. I suspect we’ll stay on the weeks we lose loads of weight and leg it at all other times.
Anyway it’s day two and I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I haven’t had a biscuit or a chunk of cheese in over 48 hours so something must be going right. And I’ve been to the gym twice, although my legs are hurting and I feel decidedly wobbly when I stand up.

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