They are knocking walls down today. I just came in the front door and ran my finger along the top of one of the pictures in the hall. Presumably to see if the dust made is ruining the state of cleanliness in my house.

This is hilarious seeing as I haven’t dusted that picture in about eight months
I’m hoping that my low cleaning standards will set me in good stead for living amongst the dirt for the next few weeks. I haven’t exactly got far to fall on the dust front.

Disorganisation is pretty standard too in the Hilton house although Paul and I do seem to be spending most of our time in a state of complete confusion which is a bit different. This is in part due to the fact that I tried to have a system for our box packing and two days too early packed most of the kitchen into different labelled boxes and put them in the dining room:
Condiments (yes really)
You get the idea. Well you’ve got to have a system. The only trouble is most of the other related items were still in the kitchen. A cup of tea required items from at least three boxes and a drawer we aren’t used to using in the dining room, the kettle, milk and bin in the kitchen and therefore a round walk of at least three miles. And it wasn’t worth it. Tea made with brown sugar is, shall we say, interesting.
It’s exciting though. But for some reason I felt a little sad last night. Maybe it’s because we are changing the house we love and fear the changes will blur the memories. Or maybe it’s concern that the bathroom might fall into the kitchen. Either way I’m going out to see a friend and drink coffee and try not to think about it.

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