Lantern Theatre

Paul and I went to see Criminy at the Lantern Theatre. It was an odd evening to say the least. The show started at 7.30 and only lasted 45 minutes. It was a silent comedy about a bank robbery. You see I said it was odd.

It was funny throughout – some of it very funny – although we couldn’t help but think it’s success at the Fringe might have been to do with a later post drinking start time. If I’d have been drunk it would have been hilarious. As it was I was driving and Paul was ill so we went straight home afterwards feeling a little bemused. Which was nothing compared to how the babysitter probably felt when came back after only an hour and a half.
The brilliant thing though is that we have discovered the Lantern Theatre. I can’t believe we have never been before. It is a fantastic tiny theatre, a bit tatty around the edges but with bags of atmosphere. It made me smile just sitting there. Now I just need them to show more regular children’s shows please.

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