Mum took me to the doctors
I don’t think she told me why
But she mentioned chocolate buttons
And Grandma’s chicken pie

That’s my favourite combination
So I did as I was told
And walked into the nurses room
And said “I’m four years old”

I quickly thought something was up
I couldn’t see the food
I had to take my jumper off
I thought it rather rude

I sat on Mummy’s knee and wondered
What would happen now
The nurse then said that “it might hurt”
She wasn’t lying, “OW!”

That mean old nurse she stabbed me
Right there in my left arm
What’s worse nobody stopped her
They told me to keep calm!

You wouldn’t quite believe it
She did it once again
Then tried to cheer me up with
A free sticker and a pen!

It’s a good job that my Mummy
Had chocolate in her purse
Or I’d have grabbed that flipping pen
And thrown it at the nurse

It wasn’t enough chocolate
To take away the pain
My arms are sore, I have been duped,
We walked home in the rain

Since we got home things have improved
With pie, TV and cake
And some rather tasty medicine
That I’m supposed to take

But next time I won’t trust them
And that’s especially
If chocolate is mentioned
Or chicken pie for tea.

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