The Grumpyumpus

The Grumpyumpus is a curious beast,

She’s not very cheerful to say the least,
She stomps and she growls and she throws things about,
If you get in her way she might start to shout.
She can be pretty scary, monstrous and cross,
Snarly and frightening, she’s clearly the boss,
No-one would think that an hour ago,
She was calm and delightful from head down to toe.
At 5 o’clock she was seen reading a book,
Telling a story with an innocent look,
Tucking her dollies up into their cots,
Drawing a picture and joining the dots.
But at 6 o’clock there is a glimpse of a glower,
For then begins Grumpyumpus hour,
It’s the time after dinner but well before bed,
When the Grumpyumpus lifts up her grumpyus head.
She will not take her clothes off or get in the bath,
Even her daddy cannot make her laugh,
She will not clean her teeth or undo her hair,
She yells when she can’t find her favourite bear.
She doesn’t want Daddy but Mummy’s no better,
She wants chocolate biscuits but no-one will let her,
She fights over choosing a book before bed,
And nearly ends up with no story instead.
But once the book opens as well as the arms,
The Grumpyumpus visibly calms,
Her breathing it shallows, her head it now rests,
As the pirates they dig up their lost treasure chest,
And dreams of princesses fill up her head,
She finally says it is time now for bed,
The light is turned out and the door pulled to,
But Grumpyumpus has one last thing she must do.
“I need a hug now” she shouts at the end,
Finally that’s something easy to mend,
There are cuddles and kisses, then turn out the light,
And Grumpyumpus closes her eyes for the night.
Sleep sweet Grumpyumpus ’til we meet once more,
Between dinner and bedtime when you stomp round the floor,
You are lovely and gorgeous, I’ll remember that when,
We have to go through this tomorrow, again.

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