So far this morning:

1. We didn’t wake up until 7.45. So that’s 45 minutes to get ready, feed everyone and make two lunches. Unsurprisingly I went to school with wet hair and a Hello Kitty clip in. Back to the normal state of affairs then.
2. I had difficulty getting the girls ready due to lack of clean school uniform. Tilly has gone to school in a purple jumper. But it’s not a multicoloured stripey top and matching tights so I’m sure it’s fine.
3. I had difficulty making lunches due to lack of ham, cheese, tomatoes – in fact anything remotely interesting to put in a lunch box. Jam sandwiches then.
4. Phoebe had a meltdown because Tilly “always gets to feed her dog at the table” and apparently she doesn’t.
5. I ate half a slice of toast standing up.
6. Paul couldn’t find his wallet.
7. We all got wet in the rain on the way to school. Who the hell designs boots that leak and charges £100 for them?
8. I returned home and immediately attempted to make my first a cup of tea of the day but forgot to put the tea bag in.
I wish I could go back to bed but I have to wash uniform, find Paul’s wallet and restock the cupboards (that we’ll only have for the next five days anyway) otherwise tomorrow will go the same way.
The day has to get better right?

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