Pete McKee’s Pub Scrawl

I was going to post about this event yesterday. But I couldn’t. Because the typing noise hurt my head. I was in a bad way to say the least, but having had the best night out in ages made it all worth it.

Pete McKee posted about “Pub Scrawl” on his blog before Christmas, saying that he was arranging a night with ten artists in ten pubs in Sheffield and that you could go on the tour by buying a ticket for £5. Since Christmas presents for men are a bit tricky, I jumped at the chance to buy tickets for me and Paul, and also some friends. In the end 8 of us has arranged to go along.

Before it happened I must say we were a bit confused. You can’t stop people going into pubs so what was the ticket for? I knew we were getting a programme but I had no idea what else was lined up.

We had a minor hiccup when the info came out a week before the event because it started at 6pm. Thank goodness for Grandparents. Of course we also had to fit in eating something so we ate the fastest pizza known to man at 5pm. The waitress looked confused as we punched in pin codes while still gobbling pepperoni.

Anyway what followed was brilliant. It was well organised, and well worth being on the tour. We had about half an hour in each pub. Just enough time for a drink and a good look at the eclectic mix of art on show. It had been carefully selected to represent different media and we had a great start with Ian Anderson from The Designer’s Republic and had an introduction from Pete Mckee before setting off.

Everyone’s favourite of the evening was probably Warp films in the Washington (named the Warpington for the night). They recreated “This is England” with loads of the actors drinking, chatting and even pulling pints. There was even a nod to “Four Lions” with a bomb carrying crow on the wall.

Paul and I loved Tado in the Bowery with their cartoon representation of Sheffield and a Panda DJ to boot. Our little group of eight moved on from the Bath Hotel a bit quicker than we should have because it was packed. It was a shame because I liked the brief look I did get of what Lord Bunn had created. You can’t beat faces on vegetables in my opinion.

There was loads more. I personally love Faunagraphic and have been banging on about one of her works for ages. It’s a shame she couldn’t be using a spray can – I would have loved to see her at work. Maybe next time a graffiti artist could have some boards outside somewhere.

We nearly got left behind in Bungalows and Bears. Mostly because we had found a table and got a bit too comfortable but we soon caught up and ended up in DaDa. The Zoe-tropes were a nice touch but I’m not that big on penis related art myself. The night ended with the Everly Pregnant Brothers and some standing on stools to get a good view.

We drank way too much. But I guess that was inevitable. It event was an innovative idea, well executed. That coupled with how wonderful it was for Paul and I to go out properly with good friends, old and new, I couldn’t have asked for more. Buying tickets made it an event that we planned for so didn’t pass up and having the wrist bands meant we could always get into a venue.

Just like Tramlines this made me proud to be from Sheffield. The talent here deserves to be shouted about, as do the pubs. But oh my word my head hurt afterwards.

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