Apparently my lack of pub quiz ability was held in my hair. Well either that or it was way easier last night than usual. I’m guessing the latter. We even managed to get the anagram – although that wasn’t my contribution I hasten to add. Ok so 10 out of 20 is still a bit hopeless but it’s a bit less disheartening.

I like Wednesdays. I go out with some good friends and have a laugh. But it fell on an odd day this week and reminded me of a time past.

I was thinking of a very good very old friend yesterday (I don’t mean she’s 102 just that I’ve known her forever). We used to go to a music pub quiz together an age ago. And we often actually won that. Although that was often nothing to do with me (I’m sensing a theme).

It was a time in my life that I remember so fondly. That was a time when I drank ale out of a pint glass and could remember stuff. We won quite often and collected the beer tokens with the idea of having a free proper night out with them. We collected them for so long that the landlord ran out of tokens and had to print more. We arranged to go out without the aid of a mobile phone and it was extremely rare that any of us failed to show up. We threw money away in a quiz machine.Every Monday with some of my oldest closest friends in the world I laughed, talked and sat in our favourite pub drinking while we did it.

So here is to a time when we knew some of the answers but probably less of the important ones. I still love you and only wish that my hugs were less virtual now.

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