Back on Track

I’ve obviously had a slightly shonky week because I haven’t written a blog entry since Sunday night. I tend to communicate less when I’m grumpy. But I’m back and in the absence of any chirpier substance I’ll do another round up and try to get back on track tomorrow.

1. Paul and I are now 36. My birthday was spent stuck in the house with dodgy stomached toddler and a broken washing machine.
2. I am embarrassed to say that I am totally incapable of mending technical appliances, drilling and generally “doing it myself”. Paul fixed the washing machine and put up Tilly’s shelf. I am officially a wife from the 1950s. Note to self: Find previous feminist ideology and refresh my memory of different screw types. (I used to work in an Ironmongers so the information must be in my brain somewhere).
3. We’ve picked a builder. He’s very nice and highly recommended. Soon begins a stressful few months but in the meantime I need to win the lottery. I did win £300 to spend at Boden but I’m guessing he would rather have cash.
4. I am going to admit that I learnt about EID from an infant school assembly and after party. I clearly need to read the curriculum before Tilly gets to it each term or this could get embarrassing.
5. Paul can run 10k. It was only his third ever attempt at a long distance run (previously he ran 7k twice). So much for a slowly increasing training plan. He’s showing no sign of suffering and is eating me out of house and home.
6. My fitness levels are very slowly improving and I am discovering which songs are not ideal to listen to at the gym. So far I’ve ruled out Stevie Wonder and a large amount of acoustic folk.
7. Today I cooked from scratch roast beef, yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, parsnips, glazed carrots, broccoli and crunchie bread and butter pudding for six people. And it tasted nice. This is astonishing. I suspect the success was due to the plates being aligned with the moon or something. Or maybe there is a glimmer of hope that one day I can be just a bit like my mum.
8. I’ve watched quite a few films this week in a grumpy haze. In summary “27 dresses” is terrible, “Time Travellers Wife” made me cry and “Megamind” was silly and vaguely amusing. “Source Code” I remember quite enjoying but it’s just taken me ten minutes and a conversation with Paul to recall the plot which probably says something.
That’s it. Pretty dull and generally blah.
Tonight we write a list. It will be scary and probably the longest list in the world. The thing is the presence of list usually shows that I’m pulling myself together so it’s a good thing.


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