Well looking at the time it’s 2:17am so I guess I’m 36. And no I am not up revelling more’s the pity. I’m up because Phoebe has been sick twice. Poor little thing has never had a sick bug and is a little freaked out.

On the upside I get to watch Cinderella Two on DVD again (I know who knew there was a sequel?). It’s good because I had forgotten what happens. Nope actually I haven’t. Oh well you can never have too much princess.
Phoebe did ask to watch “just whatever’s on CBeebies” but I had to point out they don’t really show programmes at two in the morning.
We always put the TV on when the girls are sick. Not before of course we have changed the bed fully and tried to put them back in bed so they can cover all the clean stuff in sick as well.
My eyes are struggling since they should be closed so I can’t write much more. Maybe I’ll just open a birthday present instead…

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