Saturday stuff

The day began with the girls helping Daddy learn to juggle. Phoebe threw two balls high up in the air and one landed in the toilet. Queue much hilarity and a bit of disinfectant.

In town there was some kind of initiative going on and I pointed out a colourful dress they had on display to Tilly. Fortunately she wasn’t listening as it turned out to be entirely made of fluorescent condoms.
And finally quote of the day so far when Daddy was pretending to eat Phoebe (as you do).
Phoebe: I’m not a bug.
Daddy: I don’t eat bugs.
Phoebe: Ok. I’m not a croissant then.
Now the girls are packing for a sleepover at Nicky’s house. I’d better go and check they have packed pyjamas as well as the stones, hairclips and mixing bowl…

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