The impact of the Just So Festival continues. The other day puppets were the in thing (a la Talullah Swirls in particular).

The stories largely involved puppets introducing themselves to each other. And space ships.

On Sunday we did “Kids with Cameras” which was a session we couldn’t fit in at the festival and the girls took pictures of things in specific categories.

When taking a picture of a flower Tilly fell face first into a wet flower bed but all photographers have to start somewhere.
Yesterday they put on a circus show but I drew the line at them wanting to “use the bed steps as the way up to the trapeze”. They did juggling with one ball instead.
Then this morning we were invited to see the Fairy queen and were greeted with this:
We went on to question the Fairy Queen about a number of things.
What do you do?
I look after wildlife, toadstools and stuff.
Where do you live?
In a special fairy den in a forest I really love called Sherwood forest. (Apparently each forest has it’s own fairy queen)
What do fairies eat?
Blueberries and shiny berries.

Can you fly?
(Looks at me like I’m an idiot) Yes.
Do you know the Tooth Fairy?
Yes her name is Arabella.
How much does she pay for a tooth? (I thought best to get it from the horse’s mouth since a friend recently told me it’s £10 for the first tooth and £2 for all subsequent teeth and I thought we would need to remortgage…again)
£1 (phew)
What does she do with the teeth?
She puts them with other teeth and makes false teeth. Like the ones Father Christmas has. (Raymond Briggs’ responsibility)
What do Fairy Queens have for Breakfast (we hadn’t eaten yet)?
Blueberries and shiny berries. And toast.
Shall we go and tell Daddy what you want for breakfast?
(Whispers) You know what, I don’t think he knew it was really me dressed up.

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