Things I have noticed and/or learnt this week

1. After 14 years in Sheffield I have finally worked out where Padley Gorge is and where to park. It’s our new favourite place and I am reliably informed contains a one legged pig, a crocodile and a lion. Also getting water in your wellies and having saturated socks apparently isn’t a problem.
2. We won’t be joining Esporta. We had a free week’s pass and I nearly fell over when I heard the price of joining. See, I’m saving money for the extension.
3. Going swimming every day makes my hair look even worse that usual. And I say swimming – I have been four times so far and not swum a stroke. I am now an expert at catching toddlers though.
4. The girls have become excellent at playing when friends come over. Although I have no idea what they get up to. Based on this photo they seem to have been hoovering up soft toys while playing the xylophone.
5. Wasps can look like they are setting up a nest in your eaves (dive bombing your window) then actually give up and move on the next day. Maybe they didn’t like the neighbours.
6. I don’t like Paul in hiking boots. He makes me feel even more inadequate height-wise.
7. It is incredibly difficult to find a small diamond in the contents of a hoover. It is made even harder when your children have a love of glitter. As a consequence I have no engagement ring and it feels weird.
8. Picking a builder is a blinking nightmare. They go on holiday a lot, don’t seem to know which day is which, don’t like writing things down and all have a totally different way of quoting. I might just ask the girls which one they like best and choose him.


  1. I feel I must apologise for my boys' part in the messiness of the playroom/bedroom! But they did play wonderfully well and left us plenty of time for proper chatting! Hooray!


  2. I expected way more mess to be honest! I thought the picture would be much more dramatic! Lovely that they were so happy and lovely to see you xx


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