More training

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, my husband Paul is climbing Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon over 48 hours with some radio station people and the cast of Emmerdale. All in aid of Hallam FMs local charity Cash for Kids, and in the spirit of adventure.
In the beginning he was determined to do a lot of walking, cycling, and not drinking for the few weeks of training he had. He’s actually done a reasonable amount of walking (including hills) and a reasonable amount of cycling quickly, and rather a lot of drinking. To be fair he was never going to be successful on that front and it is the holidays.
So this morning, after half a bottle of cava the night before, he headed off on the Round Walk which is 14 miles long. The total distance he will travel in two weeks time is only 25 miles (although obviously with a lot more ups and downs) so to make it more relevant he decided to do it as quickly as possible. He set off at quite a lick and despite several signs being removed (and adding a further 3 miles to his journey), he completed it in only 4 hours.
As a result he returned home absolutely knackered. His legs only just made it up Carterknowle Road apparently. And he looks slightly like he’s suffered a tiger attack due to an unfortunate leg meets bramble incident. He also has his first walking related blister. We have no idea what all this tells us about his ability to climb three peaks in 48 hours.
What we do know is that I’ll be glad when all this is over for one huge reason. Paul’s appetite. All week I have been trying to assist him in his ventures by “carbing him up”. But since he got back today he hasn’t stopped eating.
You know the image of a desperate man climbing the last sand dune weakly calling “water”? Well Paul stumbled across our front step calling “protein!”. I had very little in frankly (having been concentrating on carbs) so he had to make do with a mountain of pasta and four slices of ham on top. That was after he had eaten his sandwiches and snacks on route (including a revolting recommended high protein flapjack and energy gel). Since he ate his second lunch he has had crumpets, banana bread, toast and double dinner. And I keep catch him opening and closing kitchen cupboards.
Apparently he’s going to do some more exercise in the morning to keep up the momentum in the last two weeks before he goes. I clearly need to go shopping again.
Seeing his sponsorship money go up is a massive incentive for him. So can you spare a couple of quid to spur him on in the last two weeks? Or failing that can you pop over with some high protein meals for me to give him please? 😉

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