Day Four

We went into Whitby on Tuesday and did more seaside things including going out on the old lifeboat and seeing porpoises. Well Paul saw the tail of one. I didn’t since I was too busy reassuring Phoebe that she was’t going to fall in. We also went to the paddling pool to make use of the inflatable turtle and around the somewhat bizarre Wizard Science Museum (whose proprietor reminded me strongly of the unusual volcano guy we met in Iceland).
On returning to the campsite we bumped into a friend of mine from Sheffield who was unexpectedly camping on the same site as us. She has girls a similar age to ours so the evening was spent watching them play whilst drinking home brew and Lidl lager with her and her husband. Now there’s a recipe for a hangover.
During the evening I explained Paul’s plan to climb three peaks in 48 hours. The impact of this statement was a little undermined since Tim has already done this, but in 24 hours. Paul tried not to feel disheartened and we did explain how few mountains Paul has climbed so far in his life, his enlarged ankle and his love of programming. He looked suitably impressed then and suggested steep road in Sheffield for him to walk up and down.
Bedtime was getting interesting. The girls had seemingly decided to sleep on the floor instead of the mattress. Ironic really since Paul’s side of our airbed had now developed a slow puncture and by the end of the night he was practically on the floor with me sleeping four inches higher than him. I didn’t think it was reasonable to commandeer their mattress.

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