Day Five

We are always early for everything. Early rising children tend to do that to you. While camping they still rise early but for some reason today we couldn’t manage to leave the campsite before 10.30…along with every other beach bound holiday maker. So day five started badly.

Tilly wanted to go to the folk museum but I had insisted on the beach. So we attempted to get to Runswick Bay. We failed to park so went back to Sandsend. Then failed to park so went back to Whitby and after I’d stopped the steam coming out of my ears we had a nice hour on the beach.
Then we set off the car again to the folk museum at Hutton-le-Hole, which was of course where Tilly had wanted to go in the first place.
The folk museum was lovely, full of period houses for the kids to explore. Plus the blacksmith made Tilly her own nail to take home.
We read “You Choose” by Nick Sharratt last night and there’s a page where you have to pick what job you’d choose. She said hers wasn’t on there as she wants to be someone who makes nails. So she had to pick a hairdresser instead. But I digress.
Anyway it turned out to be a lovely day and I shall listen to my five year old for planning advice in the future.
The kids went to bed even later that night. I was a bit concerned that if the bedtime kept shifting at this rate they would soon be going to bed after us. I must remember to teach Tilly how to operate the dishwasher.

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