Day Three

Monday was the first day of fossil hunting at Ravenscar. Largely this involved wandering about looking at varying sizes of stones. Tilly, Paul and I tried to find fossils while Phoebe picked up every other stone and insisted I put it in my pocket. I gave them to Paul in the interests of training.

We were warned not to go too near the cliff face as it’s unstable. We sat eating our picnic and watched a fairly sizeable chunk fall off. Paul felt it important to warn the family who were chipping away under a large overhang with their children. They didn’t seem to care that it might land on their heads as they were in the pursuit of ammonites. Our conscious was clear anyway.
Later on I noticed two people on our campsite wearing bikinis, and at the same time one wearing a furry gilet and a bobble hat. Camping is hilarious.
I personally didn’t take a bobble hat but I did get chilly in the evening sitting outside, despite the fact that we had been playing bat and ball (more training efforts) and drinking wine out of plastic mugs. I went and got out my checked camping blanket and covered my knees with it. Paul said I fit right in in Robin Hoods Bay and that he would order the plaque for my bench now. Cheeky bugger.

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