100 Days of Exercise

Well things have most definitely changed. I still feel old but I have energy and I’m crying so much less. There’s even a bit more concentration going on. It’s quite remarkable and I feel intensely stupid for not seeking HRT sooner. I deserved to feel better and have the energy to enjoy life. It’s that dramatic.

Of course things aren’t perfect – they never are. I have my moments. But I’m planting trees. I have enough energy to have started a challenge to exercise every day for 100 days for Cancer Research and I’m on day 20. I know right? What the hell. 2 months ago I couldn’t walk around TKMaxx without needing a sit down.

Anyway I’m back doing Couch25k and on the other days walking or gardening for an hour or doing a 30 minute exercise class. I even dusted off the exercise bike we usually hang things off. I have plans for swimming, badminton, and some switch based exercise dancing.

Exercise is supposed to make you feel better – I would argue I haven’t seen much of that yet (mostly because my body is understandably complaining that bits of it are moving for the first time in months). But about 14 hours of exercise so far and £60 for Cancer Research so I’m feeling quite proud and buoyed and hopeful. And I’m doing a tiny tiny bit to combat fucking shitty awful cancer and sending love to those who have been, and are now, rocked by it. You are my heroes.

And now it’s bank holiday weekend again. I won’t be watching the coronation. Instead I’ll be running (after a fashion), buying a barbecue, gardening and eating crisps.

If you’d like to sponsor me (for the exercise not the crisp eating) it’s here. If you do, thank you. You are a legend.


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