Another week

So another lockdown week has nearly passed. Half term is often the week for our big holiday and I’m being treated/plagued by photos on social media of Barcelona in the sun and Iceland in the beautiful freezing cold. I can’t tell you how much I wish we were back in Iceland right now.

Half term in our house has unsurprisingly been up and down.

Things I have had a meltdown about this week include:

The car not starting (Paul bought a charger and it was up and running in two days. He’s a lot calmer than me).

Having to queue in the supermarket (I left in an almighty strop and shopped local instead which was way better and resulted in a Bakewell pudding, a delicious pie and a veg collection for tomorrow. Plus I have an Iceland delivery tomorrow night which may be the weirdest selection of items I’ve ever bought but at least it’s not four weeks to wait and I’ll get some ice cream and kitchen roll delivered to my door.)

Ink mixed with orange squash being splattered over a five metre area in a bedroom. (I should point out I was never angry about the accident but I was somewhat miffed at the hour long clean up that included me accidentally bleaching the carpet)

The paint being the wrong colour (turns out it wasn’t).

Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Matt Hancock (nope, there is no remedy for this).


Good things have included:

Phoebe’s birthday – see previous post

Craft (not including ink)

A walk through the trees on Blackamoor and the view at the top. This is the only way I can leave the house in the current heat.

Being up before everyone else and enjoying the chance to write blogs and lists. I mean the lists are still lists and not really crossed off but my brain is being unloaded.

A barbecue from everything we had left in the fridge

Finishing painting our bedroom. You can’t rush these things during a pandemic.

Watering the garden.

Vegetables growing. I mean no sign of actual food yet (apart from radishes) but there are flowers which is promising.

Paddling pool and water fights.

Watching the kids during their music lessons. I’ll never really love the whole Zoom thing but finally they are back to playing properly after a big break. Just me to get back to it now…

So on balance the good outweighs the bad. Although I am not shopping in a supermarket again until the queuing system is over – which could be months. Getting sun burnt/sun stroke while queuing for more than half an hour, to then enter a shop where I spend three times longer than necessary just isn’t my idea of fun. And at least it will mean I don’t accidentally buy a notebook or a t-shirt every week.

Today we have to pick up vegetables, wait in for a furniture delivery, rearrange some of the kitchen and play tennis. I mean that’s more than enough entertainment for one day.

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