Tea and Headache Tablets

You reach a point sometimes with blogging where you feel you are continually writing the same thing and everyone reading will be thinking “yeah yeah move on already”. And since low mood and anxiety have a propensity to make you think that you are really annoying anyway it’s hard sometimes to keep going for fear of cheesing off the last readers who are sticking with you. The trouble is part of the reason I do this is to share stuff and be honest, and part of the reason for that is that someone else might be feeling the same, and if it helps, even a tiny bit, it’s worth it.

So I’ll get it out of the way then crack on with another post. THIS WEEK HAS BEEN AWFUL. I had several overreactions to this new life that I’m not proud of. There have been tears, raised voices, even aggressive chopping which could have ended in disaster. I am, essentially, really sodding sad. Without over analysing (which unsurprisingly I’m really good at) the government aren’t helping and neither are the great British public. I can’t stand the uncertainty and I can’t stand the stupidity. Going to the beach in droves, rubbish everywhere – what is everyone actually doing? Anyway, as you were. I’ll be fine – I have a cup of tea, some headaches tablets and a birthday cake to make.

So if you have had a week that isn’t all sunshine and roses; if you are lonely and tired and bored; if your energy has left you; if you feel sad and can’t explain why; I get it. But each day I get up and think today will be ok. And today probably will be because I’ll be talking to my family, planting things in my garden, eating tapas, playing with my kids, and probably napping because I’m up too early. Stay safe and have a good bank holiday weekend – just don’t go to the beach. 

Here are some lambs to cheer you up.

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