Week Thirty-Nine – Demonstrated (with a home made sign)

I have attended less demonstrations than you might imagine over the years (what with my socialist leanings and all). I’ve definitely walked through the streets a few times chanting, but opportunities to formally demonstrate were thin on the ground in rural Lincolnshire and, to be fair, also Hull. I’m also quite busy or lazy – depending on which way you look at it – so have never made it down to London.

So what was different? I’ve felt angry before but this time though I was furious. That feeling not only made me commit to attending and dragging my family to a demonstration, and to actually make a sign. I know – Boris really must have upset me. The thing is I’m generally not a big fan of liars and I am a big fan of democracy.

Anyway so we made this:


and we went here:

There were inspiring speeches (I’m a big fan of Louise Haigh) and a few dull ones. It went on a bit too long and despite me trying to explain the proroguing of parliament in an entertaining way my youngest eventually got bored and went shopping in John Lewis. There was a dog in a EUimg_2787 scarf.

The whole thing made me feel marginally better because I’m feeling pretty helpless at the moment so doing something – anything – is worthwhile. I don’t suppose Boris cared that we went and stood in the drizzle and waved banners about, but whether you are Brexit or remain this lying stuff really has got to stop.

Next time I may make it down to London – you never know.

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