Week Thirty-Eight -Worn a Beekeeping Suit

So we accidentally picked one of the hottest days of the year to put on beekeeping suits. It was for a purpose – we were aiming to learn a bit about beekeeping not attending a fancy dress party.

This was an introduction to beekeeping for kids at Heeley City Farm and as P is a bit partial to an insect I booked us on. It had a variety of things:

Education – We learnt a fair bit including stuff about swarms, bee-haviours, colonies in general and that you can order bees off the internet which can cost £250 and arrive in tiny cages. I also learnt that nettle tea is good for hayfever (honey not so much).

Experience – I mean how many people have stood on top of a roof and looked inside multiple bee hives while bees bounce off their head? Well probably a fair few but it was a new one on me.

Element of peril – not only was the suit boiling, we had strict instructions to not leave gaps in any clothing as apparently bees like tiny gaps. I spent most of it worrying a bee was going to end up inside my crazy bee hat.

Despite the heat it was an interesting way to spend the morning but I don’t think we will be setting up beehives anytime soon.


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