Last Day

Today is the last day at primary school for my youngest daughter. I was going to say “my little girl” but she clearly isn’t little anymore.

I’ve seen touching posts on social media encouraging you to walk your child to school one last time and reminisce about their life so far. It certainly is a bit of a moment.

So I will walk her to school this morning despite the fact that we live so close I could chuck her over the school fence. I will reminisce because she’ll make me watch videos of how cute she used to be no doubt. I will cry because that’s just what I do when I stop to think about my kids growing up.

I can’t pretend I’ve always loved the primary school experience and occasionally neither has she. The times I had to peel her off me sobbing in infant school; the frustration and boredom that comes with SATS. But we have watched her grow from a scared clingy toddler into a confident funny child.

We’ve seen her sing, dance, act, play instruments, take on responsibilities, sit tests, go on school trips, and do it all with a group of friends that shifts a little but still manages to stays the same. Girls who I’ve watched support my daughter countless time over the years. Girls who mess about and fall out and then make up again. Girls who care about each other and are scared about being pulled apart by different secondary school. Girls who have filled my house with their laughter, fancy dress, face paint and love for life time after time over the years. This post is a thank you to them and to their parents, my friends, who have been on the same bit of this journey as me.

“I won’t cry tomorrow” she said. I don’t think I believe her and I know the likelihood of me remaining composed is slim.

So on this emotional note I’d like to tell you about a primary experience I haven’t shared before. Now may be the right time.

P came home one day saying that there was a mystery to solve at school and some of her friends were investigating it. “Oh,” I said (assuming it would be someone stole her pencil) “what’s that about?”

“We know this much so far” she said, reeling me in. “Someone has been putting their lunch in the toilet”. I assumed she meant someone didn’t like their sandwiches but actually she meant a school dinner put in the toilet several times in a week including sausages, potatoes and vegetables.

Amused I asked how she was getting on with her investigation.

“So far we’ve narrowed it down a bit. It has to be a girl because it was in the girls toilets. And they aren’t vegetarian because it was a meat sausage.”

There was a notebook and some interviewing I believe but never a definitive answer. I don’t know whether it means she has a future as a police officer or not but she definitely has always had the ability to make me laugh.

Anyway, on that note, have a great last day if today is indeed the last day of the school term and especially big squeezes for any parents who are feeling a little bit emotional today because their kids are growing up too fast.

I have a great blog post about a school trip I’ve been saving until the end of school so that’s something to look forward to!

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