Week Nineteen – World Record Attempt

I love living in Sheffield. Just when you were wondering what new thing to try next, up pops an advert to join in a world record attempt for most people hopscotching at the same time. ‘Why not’, I thought, and reached out to see which madcap friend would like to join me.

This morning a few things went through my mind. What do you wear for a world record hopscotch attempt? Would we be the only adults there amongst a sea of 600 school children? Are there actual rules to hopscotch? Do I have adequate balance?

It was clear early on we should have opted for lycra, and probably taken a water bottle as we didn’t look wholly committed to the process. The warm up was both unexpected and frankly exhausting (for us anyway, the primary school kids didn’t seem to have a problem with it). Of course if I’d engaged my brain there was inevitably going to be exercise involved since it was part of “move more” Sheffield – I was never really going to get away just with some leisurely hopping.


So there was puffing, sweating, cheering and then a count down, at the end of which we all began hopscotching at the same time. The rules were more complicated than I remember (and by that I should point out they weren’t complicated at all). We did make a mistake early on thinking we had to start from 1 every time we didn’t hit a number with our metal widget and as a consequence did far more hopping and scotching than was actually necessary. This meant we were even more exhausted than everyone else.

Once we got a handle on the rules though we completed the game and had a thoroughly entertaining time doing it. Plus we got some smoothie made by bicycle and a free t-shirt, and the added bonus I met a lovely group of staff from SYPTE who’ve given me some more possible ideas for things I’ve never done before. Excellent morning all round.

So what does the above suggest as a rule for life? If you have an opportunity to take part in a record attempt (or simply to move more) you probably should.


NEWS: The results are in and we are world record breakers! I could buy a certificate for £20 to celebrate. Alternatively I might make my own…

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