Another week

So it’s another week nearer to winter and my mood is dipping today. The sunshine and positivity of yesterday (which resulted in a newly painted front door and a family afternoon in the park) has turned to a rainy morning where I couldn’t get out of bed. I’m shattered and inert today and in desperate need of focus.

It doesn’t help that I’m waiting in for a parcel yet again. It’s my own fault for ordering things, but when we are in the first flush of autumnal preparation we are briefly feeling the need and desire to improve things at home. This time it’s bits of wood and a four gang extension cable – nothing more exciting to stay in for is there? It’s stopping me from posting some Ebay parcels and buying the milk that the milkman didn’t deliver.

I officially hate my slimming plan. This woman cannot live on pasta, rice, fruit and veg alone. It’s so boring and so, well , sugar free.  If only there was a diet where you could drink a lot of Sauvignon Blanc and biscuits I’d be sorted. I’m sick to death of tuna, jacket potatoes and baked beans.

A coffee is in order, although I should really be making a note of the amount of milk I’m putting in it. Then it’s time for a list and if it ever stops raining and the wood arrives I’ll drag myself out for a jog/walk/saunter to the post office.

I don’t normally write this kind of post but I’m keeping an eye on my mental health this year. Autumn and winter seem to mount some kind of stealth attack each year and I won’t stand for it this time.


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