98 Days

I came home from a fantastic night out a few days ago and sat on the sofa rehydrating myself, checking Twitter and listening to the police helicopter flying overhead. I saw with bleary eyes a post that said ‘100 days until the end of 2017’.

By the time I’d thought about writing about this in some way it was 99 days until the end of 2017. Now it’s 98.

I have already done 100 happy days this and year and I imagine no-one apart from my Mum and Dad want to 100 more photos of my life. I wondered what I could do to mark this last bit of the year and thought about my girls. It’s getting a little harder to spend quality time doing family things. My eldest is at secondary school and getting home late some days, where I am home late on the others. But they both continue to ask us to do things with them and I’ve noticed I occasionally say no, because I have to cook or because I’m tired.

For 100 days (including 2 already gone) I’m going to write down one thing I did with them, one to one, the girls and me or us as a family. It might make me come up with some other fun ideas to share and it certainly will make me stop and say yes, where sometimes I say no. Catching up

  1. We played Dixit together as a family – a game P adores.
  2. Netheredge Festival at Chelsea park – a walk through the woods, bicycle smoothie making, orienteering (I  even ran around the course with P), grass sledging and silly games. Plus we watched the last Harry Potter film so everyone was happy. IMG_1851


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