Looking Back

Yesterday a memory came up on my Facebook newsfeed. It was one of the many blog posts I wrote so I could remember some of the funny things the kids said when they were little. Specifically it was of a time when P held her arms up to be carried. When I said she couldn’t have a carry she said “I don’t want a carry, I want a walking hug”. Too cute of course.

The next half an hour was spent with the kids in peals of laughter reading all the entries I’d written as they grew up. I had forgotten so much of it, like the time when T dressed up and greeted us as a Fairy Queen and P’s borderline naughty past. When we’d stopped laughing I felt a little emotional. My big girl bussing it to senior school when she only seemed to be a fairy queen five minutes ago.

Something happened when I exported my blog and it’s split between two sites which I need to fix, and possibly I will use some blog entries to make a book for the kids to keep. This stuff is so important to remember.

So if yours are little, or not so little, I urge you to make some notes. One day your kids (and your fading memory) will thank you for it.

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