Journaling – Day 2

Things I’m grateful for:
1. A warm house. It’s freezing out there.
2. Phoebe seeming much better. No temperature or headache. And no waking up in the night either.
3. Angela and Freddy. I don’t know many little babies anymore apart from little Freddy. And there is little better in life than a cuddle with a baby and a chat with a friend.

So today I started at my new gym. I say started, I mean I went to a pilates class which is hardly frantic exercise, but I’m starting slow so as not to fail and beat myself up. It’s a tiny class with lots of attention and I enjoyed it. Exercise is one of the other things recommended for low mood so I’m forcing myself out there and taking it one step at a time. This gym is small and friendly. They say hello when you go in and everyone knows everyone. And so far very few women are tiny and wearing lycra which helps marginally with my self esteem. A good start if  gentle one.

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