Ok so there is a lot to catch up with. I’ve been struggling of late – more of that no doubt another time. But for now I’ve been sent a link that has inspired me to try a few changes. Apparently writing 3 (different) things you are grateful for every day for 21 days is beneficial in rewiring your brain. Mine is in need of rewiring. Also journaling one thing that made you happy each day helps you relive happy memories instead of focusing on negatives.

So here goes.

Three things I’m grateful for:
1. Paul. For having the energy and positivity every day despite me challenging positivity every step of the way these last few months.
2. My singing group. Singing makes me happy. Singing in a field whilst slightly giggling makes me very happy.
3. Our real Christmas tree. It isn’t artistic. In fact it’s a bit bonkers. It smells nice and is covered in memories.And Paul and I walked down the road carrying it home which might just be a new tradition. Especially since we now have a much smaller car…

So my journaling today has to be singing at the Nether Edge Market with Jacapella. I’ve blogged about my singing group before and I love it. It has made me use my brain a different way and has introduced me to some lovely new friends.

Today we met, drank mulled wine and ate mince pies and ran through our songs in the warm. Then we sang together in the middle of the market. We made it through all our songs with happiness and mostly accuracy (despite some of us singing parts we’d never really sung before). We didn’t draw crowds of people. Most of our audience were family, friends and other singers. But we sounded lovely and enjoyed ourselves immensely. And then we did it again on the bowling green while small people queued to see Father Christmas. The sky was blue, the rain came down and a rainbow appeared above us. It was almost poetic. And pretty much in tune.

Afterwards I had a drink with my friend and wandered around the market before buying cake and heading home. It was good.

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