#consciouskindness So Far

Well my being nicer than usual is a bit of a challenge. Firstly I think I need to change the hashtag as #30daysofbeingnicerthanusual is just too long, even though it does capture the slightly daft nature of this self imposed challenge.

I am currently liking #consciouskindness, in the sense that I’m just making myself think about being kind a bit more. And also recognising that I am actually quite kind some of the time and that I should probably stop beating myself up. But Paul says it’s too difficult to spell so I’m open to suggestions.
It’s also not as exciting as a happy photo a day in terms of social media interaction. There isn’t much scope for comment about me helping an old lady cross the road (not that I’ve found one to help with that yet). I’m also finding it extremely tricky to think of extra things to be kind about. So far I’ve done this:
Friday – I went down our road and put Chupa Chups through the doors of everyone I know with children. Enough for one each obviously. I told Paul and he said he wondered whether people would let their children eat them since they didn’t know where they came from. A depressing thought.

I also lent a friend a mattress but I’d have done that anyway so it doesn’t count.

Saturday – I got cross in town and had a minor melt down. I cheered up though when we went out to dinner and I tipped more than usual. But it was a bit annoying because the waiter wasn’t actually very friendly. Now I’m not sure whether the tip will have a) cheered him up and therefore improved his customer service for the rest of his shift, thus benefitting all the later customers, or b) made him think that surly service is a good thing and to carry on as he is.

At 11pm my neighbours brought us curry and rice in yoghurt pots. I know it’s Ramadan but I like to think it’s also karma. But that’s mixing beliefs systems so probably not related. They are just kind. And good cooks.

Sunday – I braced myself and didn’t say I had jobs to do when Tilly asked me to watch a loom band tutorial and help her make a ‘triple single bracelet’ (whatever the hell that is) despite the fact that I really wasn’t keen. I did say no to the game of chess request after though so I’m not that saintly.

Monday – I really wasn’t that kind and may have used some negative if a little colourful language because of the following:
People who park in cycle lanes;
People who cross roads without looking both ways and therefore nearly getting hit by bicycles;
Sheffield City Council who haven’t mended Abbeydale Road and seem to think I want to ride a boneshaker;
Gross man who needed to wee on the footpath as I rode past to avoid potholes on actual road.

Let’s see if I can cheer up enough to be kind later on…

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