#100 Happy Days…What’s next?

So that’s it. 100 pictures of things that made me happy on every single one of the last 100 days have been uploaded to facebook. I will aim to do a montage when I work out how, and order a photo book because actually I think it’s been a hugely worthwhile exercise for me.

Ok so most of my pictures are of the children. On their better days. But there are also lots of pictures of me being happy. And other people and things that make me happy. I have had my eyes opened to how many things do that.

Days out, my husband, friends, singing, food, achievements, wine, new things, holidays, birthdays, silliness, reading, memories, family, rabbits, playing, nights out, quiet, my home, work and even bizarrely a spot of exercise.

The idea was it was supposed to make me see that even on the worst of days there are glimmers of joy. It did that. It may be cheesy but I’d recommend it for giving a bit of a positive boost. I tried hard to pick my favourite photo – which probably has to be the one of me and the family on holiday. But instead I’m using this – a picture of me being, well, happy.

The only trouble is I’m left with a gap. What do I do now? Clearly trying to do a different thing every week for a year on http://www.beantrying.blogspot.com is not enough.

My good friend gave me a bottle of wine today. It was a truly kind gesture to thank me for something small I did yesterday. A couple of weeks ago I went to a comedy gig about kindness. I think that is enough to give me an idea. Perhaps I should focus on small acts of kindness.

100 days is a stretch. I mean I’m just not that nice. But I’m going to start with a month of kindness and see what happens. Not being self congratulatory just a concerted effort to be kind to someone. I’ll call it #30daysofbeingnicerthanusual… Let’s see what happens…

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