Ten Years

I don’t often put photos on blogger. Largely because I’m wordier than I am visual as you’ll probably know by now. But this is a special occasion because it’s been ten years since I married him you see. Which is a bit irrelevant in many ways, because I’ve known him since we were about 12 on and off and we have been stuck with each other properly for 17 years, but a celebration’s a celebration…

So in a nutshell it was ten years ago on stage at the Lyceum. We were lucky because the play was “Suddenly Last Summer” and the set was a Victorian greenhouse. The following week it was “Slamdunk the Hip Hop Musical”.

My two oldest friends were there – one in a box (not literally) with a reading and one behind the camera. Our best friends kept us sane.

There were lovely people.  Friends and family.

There was a bear – because I told my cousin he could wear what he liked for the wedding and he took it literally.

There was a ridiculously quiet registrar who needed a career change.

There were a few too many of us crammed into a small restaurant.

There was cake and laughter.

There was dancing, too much alcohol and an excess of hair grips.

There was a terrible hotel afterwards.

There was a hangover.

It was a blast. Here’s to the rest of forever.

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