Happy Stuff

This week had it’s up and downs. Here are some ups.
My nearly eight year old has got up every morning this week, got dressed, made her own breakfast, made her and her sister’s packed lunch and on one occasion emptied the dishwasher. She has not been bribed and as far as I can tell has not been bewitched. She is truly astonishing.
David O’Doherty. Sheer hilarious, adorable brilliance. Plus he answered my tweet. 
I really like babysitting other people’s children. It’s fascinating and amusing. And getting them to go to bed is great for your self esteem. Babysitting circles are genius. 
I know I’ve already mentioned it but I love where I work. I’m doing more hours for a couple of months and this coupled with my body being a bit stupid means I’m completely knackered but I actually like going to work and don’t watch the clock ever. Sometimes the right things just happen.

We went to the oddest school assembly I have ever seen in my life. There was dancing to Aqua, a number of, as far as I could tell, unrelated poems chanted in unison and a Tina Turner song. The kids were wearing PE kit. I don’t know why. They were all flipping brilliant though but I’m not sure the director would make it in the cut throat world of the West End.

And better than everything? I made a difference to someone’s life. A small difference but a difference nevertheless. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. Someone else is making a change because of me wittering on and sharing too much information. I might have had a hand in making someone happier. What is better than that?
So not a bad week and it’s being finished with my Mum and Dad coming to stay and a trip away to celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary. Nice hotel, shopping for things we can’t afford, lovely food and probably lots and lots of rain. It’ll be like Iceland just with less horseriding and the added benefit of going to see a play with Hayley Cropper in it. Life is good.

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