It’s 7.30 in the evening and I have just been to the supermarket to buy a single Longley Farm yoghurt and a box of cornflakes. I am a committed mother.

At home we have located most of what we need including a pair of waterproof trousers (somewhat short in the leg), an old top (that really isn’t that old but what is when you are seven and grow out of clothes after about three months),  a working torch (miracle), a purse containing £5 to spend on sweets and crisps (seriously £5 – I’d buy fruit salads…500 of them), and the ingredients to make fairy cakes tomorrow (because apparently shop bought ones won’t cut it).

And why? Because it’s brownie holiday this weekend. And my eldest daughter is going away from home for two nights. Don’t, I might cry.

They are travelling to the wilds of…well Sheffield. And indulging in activities that include the need for a yoghurt pot of specific proportions and a cereal box. No I don’t know either. I only know I need to eat a rhubarb yoghurt at some point this evening.

The whole going away from home thing is freaking me out a bit. She is extremely enthusiastic which manages to be a hugely positive thing (isn’t she grown up and brave) and at the same time wholly unacceptable (since she was only born about five minutes ago).

Despite her enthusiasm she has encountered “future home sickness” twice this week already. This is a phenomenon that most people would refer to as “worrying” or perhaps “butterflies”, but she does like to make up her own medical conditions.

Well to counter the overwhelming sense of guilt I feel at letting her go (in-spite of the fact that she actually wants to) I bought other things in the supermarket. Including a new pair of age 7-8 pyjamas, some stripey socks and a twee novel with a panda on the front to hide in her suitcase. It doesn’t make me feel much better but at least I won’t be worrying about her wondering naked through the room having had a onesie popper malfunction. And it might just make her smile….or cry. Oh shit I didn’t think of that. Maybe I’ll show her the book in advance.

Ok, I’m off to eat a yoghurt. And some cornflakes.


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