Everyone I know will vouch for the fact that I have never run out of things to say before. It seems unlikely then that this is the reason for me being so quiet on the blog front.

I did briefly wonder whether the surgeon removed something else during my op, but I’m fairly sure she didn’t go anywhere near my brain. So no-one else to blame then. Just my own state of mind.

I’ve been thinking it over for the last few days and I think it’s more to do with pin numbers. Now, now, hear me out…

Obviously we all know we only have the capacity to remember a certain number of pin numbers. Add another in, like for example the door code at work, and either I simply cannot remember the door code and fail to access the staff room on a daily basis, or I lose the ability to pay for things by credit card. My brain simply cannot allow both (stick with me on this.)

So I think this is what has happened to me with my writing. After my op (when I sat on my arse for several weeks and did very little but write – and eat chocolate), I had to get back to normal. Which was hectic – even more so than usual because I was back to work (including an immediate need to remember more numbers and a password my brain had ejected when I signed up to a new forum about rabbits).

And of course it was pre Christmas.

I love Christmas. But if I had been blogging my run up to Christmas would not have been joyous descriptions of relaxed family snowdome making and the joys of ice skating. I’d have been lamenting having to bake umpteen dozens of fairy cakes, buy umpteen difficult presents and attend umpteen children’s activities (including one which I didn’t really understand).

That plus work and home and something gave. And that something was the writing bit. Which is the bit I do for me. So that’s a bit sucky. But not altogether surprising.

If I am being painfully honest one other thing happened which involved me submitting a short play to a competition and being knocked back. Not exactly surprisingly – I mean I’m no Alan Ackbourn – but I was a bit gutted. So I stopped for a bit. Not consciously you understand but stopped none the less.

Although I still think it’s the pin number theory.

So now it’s nearly February and I am only just picking up my laptop (well for anything more than browsing the internet). Of course I meant to get back to it in January, but the extended delays are probably down to me coping with doing stuff at home and work and spending most of my evening hours banging my head down on the keyboard and swearing at Trip Advisor (I mean how can something be the top thing in the world ever and still given one star reviews?). But I’ve booked a holiday now so I have spare time on my hands.

Perhaps you have seen this gap as positive. No wittering to read. No inevitable posts about new year’s resolutions and vomit. Well all I can say is brace yourselves. I’m back. Hopefully.

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