If you had told me last week that I would have started sacrificing perfectly good socks to my rabbits I’d have…well I wouldn’t have been that surprised to be honest. Nothing about these rabbits surprises me any more.

Sufficed to say we are currently on pair four. It’s a shame really. I tried to sacrifice only socks from the odd sock bag, but they were either too short (not covering the wound in their tummies) or too constricting (I don’t really think limiting their ability to breathe would be a good plan even if they would have had immaculate well healing wounds). So, perfectly good pairs of socks it is. Nowhere on the internet did I read this would happen when I did my extensive pre-rabbit purchasing research.

We are day five post op. Not that I’m counting down to the magic ten days of course.

It really has been the best five days of our lives. Two days of thrusting all manner of veg, fruit and soggy nuggets at them to ensure they didn’t die from not eating. Then three days of checking poo, putting socks on rabbits, catching rabbits who escaped into the hall, readjusting holey socks , setting right the litter tray (that Betsy tips over every five minutes) and mopping up wee that has leaked on the kitchen floor (see litter tray).

We’ve worked out that the rabbits are the equivalent of teenagers in animal years. And they clearly currently hate me. I’m not really surprised. I wouldn’t like someone heading towards me with the express intention of shoving my head and front paws into Sainsbury’s best hosiery. And since they are still too poorly to be left alone or even let out of the hutch, we won’t be rebuilding our relationship any time soon.

The nurse said today that it “could be worse” and we “should keep doing what we are doing”. Excellent news. More trauma all round.

Apart from anything else, five more days of this and I’ll have reached the bottom of my sock drawer, and possibly Paul’s as well.

So there we go. Half way to the bit where they start to get better. £158 plus several pairs of socks worse off. Having pets is terrific.

And now? It’s time to adjust socks and mop up wee. Again not a sentence I thought I’d ever write.

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