Dropping some bean bags

I was going to put balls instead of beanbags but I was worried David Cameron would censor me.

So I have been working now for nearly eight weeks and the good news is I still love it. The place, the work and the people – so that’s a pretty good start. It’s the life juggling that’s marginally problematic. Me and every other parent out there I guess. Work, home, Paul, kids, rabbits, family, friends, writing, my own unachievable high standards – it’s all rotating overhead like I’m some kind of crazed maternal circus performer.

The bean bag I dropped yesterday was not realising that leaving infant school would be as upsetting as it was for my eldest. It wasn’t the end of the world. She got a bit upset after school and at bedtime and we had a good chat and lots of cuddles. But I feel guilty of course because I should have thought about it. I was so caught up in simply getting to the end of school (and the joy of 6 weeks without making lunchboxes, plaiting hair and carrying too much stuff) I didn’t think about her enough.

There are others of course. I dropped a personal bean bag by not fitting in time to edit and submit a play I’ve written to a writing festival. Bugger. And my blog isn’t getting the time and attention I intended lately either.

If you have been the victim of the several birthday bean bags we’ve dropped all over the place in the last three months I’m really sorry.

And we’ll not even think about the house cleanliness bean bag. It’s crash landed and spilled it’s contents all over the floor. Not that I ever usually throw it up there in the first place.

The trouble is I fully expect that the minute I bend down to retrieve the bean bags (this metaphor is going well isn’t it) I’m going to drop a whole other load.

So who knows if things will improve. In time I guess I’ll have a system. I would like to hope I could learn to keep more beanbags in the air. Or maybe grow more hands.

Oh darn it I’m about to drop a freezer related beanbag I’d better go.

So If you juggle better than I do, I take my hat off to you. Sorry I will leave the metaphors well alone and go back to rabbit watching in my kitchen. Once I’ve made sure the freezer bean bag is back up and dancing.

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