For My Mum

My Mum is without doubt the woman I look up to most in the world. I’ve tried to write something for her for a while and it never seems to do her justice. But today I’m posting it anyway because, well it’s Mother’s Day and she deserves a smile (especially since it’s snowing which will be driving her mad).

I aspire to be like my Mum. My Mum never says she hasn’t got time or she’s too tired. My Mum never says she doesn’t want to go out tonight, or doesn’t want to go to work or doesn’t want to talk. My Mum never lets illness bother her and never feels the need for a duvet day – it’s her idea of hell. My Mum actually does ironing and exercise without ever once moaning. My Mum makes the best dinners and the best puddings. My Mum likes folk music and dancing and drama and hedgehogs. Not all at the same time.
It takes being a parent before you realise how truly tricky being a mum can be. For example she coped admirably with the following statements on a daily basis, and never said what I suspect she was thinking:
What’s for breakfast?” – She actually said “the same as usual. What would you like?” not “the same chuffing things as every day. Make it yourself.”
I’m bored“. – She actually said “I’m sure you can find something to do. If you wait a while we can make some bread rolls together” not “you are an ungrateful little bugger. Go and play with some of your toys before I put them in a bin bag and send them to charity.”
What’s for pudding?” – She actually said “ski yoghurt, arctic roll, those frozen mousse things or fruit salad” not “I’ve spent an hour and half cooking your dinner and pudding is not the thing I focus on you ungrateful child.”
I don’t want to go to bed“. She actually said “Dad’ll come up I’m watching Coronation Street” 😉
I’m sorry we aren’t there for Mother’s Day Mum. And every day I’m sorry that there are a load of towns and fenland fields between us. 
Tilly says “Happy Mother’s Day and I love you”. Phoebe says “Happy Birthday…I mean Mother’s Day. I love you so much”.
Couldn’t say it better myself. Thanks for everything Mum. One day some of your wonderful will rub off on me. xx

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