I went to the doctors today. I’m pretty candid on this blog but I’ll keep the details to myself for a while yet. Sufficed to say it’s just more evidence that as you get older your body gets crapper.

Just before my GP examined me (and told me I needed a specialist appointment and possibly a small operation) she hit herself in the face with a lamp. It was only missing cartoon birds doing circuits round her head. I showed appropriate concern as best I could in the circumstances but I secretly wondered if it was justice of some sort. That’s a bit harsh isn’t it?

I’m sure this situation will appear on my blog in the future. I can already see some inevitable comedy in it and that should help to squash the negative a little. For now though I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself. But it needs fixing so I have to be a grown up for once. Now if someone will just get me my teddy bear I should be fine…

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