Tears and smiles – the usual week

Stuff I cried at this week:

1. ‘Les Miserables’. When people died.

2. A man talking about not being able to afford to rent a market stall in the new Sheffield market after being in Castle Market for 36 years. There seems significant irony in market stall holders finding it cheaper to rent an empty shop unit than a market stall. Maybe that’s how the council are planning to revive the high street. No HMV, Jessops or Blockbusters but a significant number of butchers.

3. Attila the Stockbroker reciting a poem called ‘Never Too Late’ about finally stating his love for his stepfather following his mother’s death from Alzheimers disease. Buy this please.

4. An orphan baby kangaroo being put to sleep on a documentary. I can’t believe I got to 37 without knowing anything about kangaroos. I now have ‘opening kangaroo sanctuary’ on my possible career list.

5. Not getting a job interview. As an ex-HR professional I’m not altogether surprised but it still made me snivel for a minute. Onwards and upwards.

There was also the following life affirming smiley stuff:

1. Seeing old friends, eating roast dinner and receiving a mental daffodil.

2. Getting together with new and old friends, eating food, talking too much and drinking wine.

3. Finally booking a half term holiday in Amsterdam and planning routes around it avoiding the Red Light District. It was hard enough explaining the mating kangaroos.

4. A night out with my husband. Even if he did make me walk up a massive hill.

5. Watching the kids lark about with their friends. Tilly was dressed as a tiger all day today. She has gone to bed wearing a tail despite my recommendation to the opposite.

6. Attempting to find my voice. I suspect Gareth Malone would be unimpressed by my choral potential but hey-ho.

7. Listening to children read at school on Tuesday. It felt like I was being useful which is a good thing.

8. Receiving a positive reaction to the start of my story about a footballer at writing group. They might have just been being nice to me though. May change lead character to a tiger cub.

9. My daughter’s reaction to Charlotte’s Web.

On balance not a bad week. I’m going on a school trip tomorrow though…

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