Homework – Week 2

In case you are interested in my homework this is week two’s:

Mikey Williams Versus Class 2

Mikey Williams was very keen on football. Well, any sport in fact. Watching it or even better doing it. He was not, however, in any way keen on schoolwork.
“Mikey!” shouted his mum up the stairs. “It’s time to get up, your breakfast is on the table.”
Mikey groaned, pulling the duvet cover over his head and trying his best to go back to sleep. He began to replay his last match against Rotherham Under 12s in his head with his eyes closed. Just as he was streaking towards the goal with the crowd cheering on the sidelines, something large landed on top of him, thrown quite forcibly from the direction of the doorway.
“Get up, lazy” said his sister Una. “Double maths this morning isn’t it?” she reminded him with a smirk.
Mikey grabbed his pillow and threw it towards his sister who shut the door just in time with a laugh. “You’re a rubbish shot” she called from the landing.
‘Never mind’, Mikey thought. She’d get her comeuppance in a minute. He would be all ready to go to school while she would be hopping around trying to find her other shoe. He’d hidden it behind the plant in the living room.
He hauled himself out of bed, shoving his feet into a pair of well-worn United slippers and throwing on his dressing gown. Double maths, he thought, why me? I bet Fernando Torres can’t do long division.
He looked at himself in the mirror. Maybe today would be different. Maybe today Mr Jones would leave him alone in class and pick on someone else. Maybe today he would ask Amanda a question and she’d get it wrong for once and they’d all laugh.  Maybe.
It didn’t take long for Mikey to wolf down a bowl of cereal and three slices of toast. He tried to ignore Una who was always one step ahead of him. When he was getting up, she was already dressed. When he was eating she was cleaning her teeth. ‘Why are sisters so annoying?’ he thought to himself.
“Una, why is your shoe behind a pot plant?” called Mum.
Ugh. Foiled again. He’d have to find somewhere better to hide it tomorrow.
Mum grabbed the keys and bundled the now dressed and almost presentable Mikey into the car with his perfectly turned out sister.
“It’s your school trip tomorrow remember” said Mum. “There’s an envelope in your bag with the money in. Don’t forget to hand it in”. She turned out of the road and Una switched on the radio. “Are you looking forward to it?” Mum shouted over the music.
Mikey thought it was best to say “yes he did”. That way she wouldn’t ask him any more questions. But why did he want to go to a smelly old museum. It would be boring, he was sure of that, and most likely he’d get stuck holding hands with Pippa all day. The teachers always put him with a sensible girl. He had no idea why.

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