My little girl is growing up

This post is going to read as pretty dramatic I suspect. Most people don’t quite understand how emotional I get about things. I am highly strung. Paul says it’s that everything matters to me.Which could be described as “easily stressed and soppy” but at least it’s never a dull moment.

I used to cry regularly. I don’t cry so much anymore. Probably because my life is in general much happier. But it does occasionally happen. And when it does I go fro broke and do it in front of the head teacher usually. Just to make me look like a complete numpty.

So my reputation as dramatic sop is due to be reinforced in the morning because my youngest daughter starts school tomorrow. It’s the first time I’m felt so very sad in a long time.

I can understand if people think I’m being dramatic. Yes it’s sad but come off it, she’s four now and growing up, and think of all that spare time I’ll have. I can finally lose a stone and write a novel. Or at the very least set myself some unachievable targets and clean the cooker.

But it goes without saying really that I’m going to miss her. We have fun and she hugs and kisses me all the time. It will never be quite the same again. She is my youngest and final child (I couldn’t go through that again) and therefore my days of being a stay at home mum are numbered. God help us if my title changes to “Housewife”. I’ll be dismissed for poor performance.

I have never been embarrassed that I chose to stay at home with the girls, and feel proud that I have done it. It has been hard at times and more recently easy and downright fun. I wouldn’t have missed a moment of it. There were times when I didn’t believe people when they told me how fast the time until school goes by, but wow does it zoom.

So here we are. I just hope I can get out of the room tomorrow before I start turning red and blotchy. It won’t help either of us (or the teacher, other pupils and parents) if I start blubbing in the book corner. Sunglasses aren’t an option inside in rainy September so my only option is a quick hug, kiss and a fast exit. Maybe this is the time to begin my running regime.

So Phoebs, maybe one day you’ll read this. Know that I’ve loved staying home with you and you’re wonderful. Tomorrow is a new chapter for both of us. I imagine I’ll embarrass myself on the way out, but that’s nothing compared to how embarrassing I’ll be for you in the years to come.

I love you.

Love Mum.

P.S. Pass me the tissues and no you cannot have a go on the Ipad.

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