What better to write on a Thursday but an update. And in a Thursday kind of way it isn’t very exciting but you can’t have everything.

1. Our builders have not built anything since before Christmas. The weather is to blame. On the up side they haven’t wrecked my house yet. I don’t suppose I would have wanted the roof off during a gale. On the downside the end date is a moving goalpost. If the extension is finished for Spring I’ll eat my hat.

2. I went to the gym for the first time in 6 weeks today. Perhaps unsurprisingly I couldn’t lift the weights that I could lift 6 weeks ago. It hurt. And that’s nothing compared to how it will feel in the morning.

3. I have lots of washing to do. Phoebe still hasn’t worked out that actually sitting on the toilet when you need a wee is preferable to weeing in her underwear, on the bathroom floor, or even better on mummy’s trousers, jumper, floor and sofa cushions.

4. Our pub quiz team is getting worse. We got 4 out of 20 yesterday. The first and second answers were the “Clapping Song” and Shirley Ellis respectively. What hope did we have?

5. Tilly has been back at school two days and I now know very little about what goes on in her life. Except that she’s been painting a number and she got a sticker…but she can’t remember what for.

6. Diversifying dinner options at home is going…interestingly. Tilly will still eat pretty much anything I serve up. Phoebe will eat anything that doesn’t look “yucky”. Apparently a homemade veggie burger in a bun falls into the “yucky camp”. Out of the bun it doesn’t. Go figure.

7. I went to the library with Phoebe and am now regretting checking out two more puzzle books. If I have to find another minuscule compass in undergrowth I’ll scream.

See I told you it was a dull update. I’m off to try and work out what anyone is saying in The Wire with a glass of wine. Instead of doing my tax return. Wow January is exciting so far. You don’t need to worry though I’ll try to keep my tax return blogging to a minimum…

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