New Year

Well 2011 is over.

We thought it only reasonable to create a new tradition in the Hilton household by letting a sky lantern go in the garden before the kids went to bed and all making a wish for the next year. After we had negotiated the somewhat treacherous route to the back garden sustaining no injuries, we set light to the paper at the bottom. I had explained that you need to think your wishes without saying out loud so they have more chance of coming true.

As the lantern lifted up Phoebe shouted out “I wish I was a princess”. Good job she pretty much is one already.

We were slightly concerned as the lantern drifted forwards rather than up for a bit and I was wondering how I would explain a burning bush to the neighbours, but then all was well fortunately. I can’t tell you my wish of course but it’s the same one I always have.

It was a lovely day yesterday. Hare and the Tortoise with Paul and the girls and then a visit from my favourite family (well other than my own of course). Playing, tea, hugs and cake.

And New Year’s Eve proper? Was it spent in a pub or at a busy party having a riotous time? Of course not. It was spent having a riotous time in our living room with our friend Graham playing Wii Beatles Rock Band and getting drunk. Great fun. And we did make it to midnight. The fireworks were spectacular. I wonder how they’ll top them at the Olympics.

I should I suppose end with some resolutions. I imagine blogs everywhere are full fo them but no, I’m not going to do them this year. I just set myself up to fail.

I’d like some change though. Change to a healthier me. That will do.

Happy New Year to all my lovely friends and family, and to anyone else who’s passing through the blog world. May 2012 be full of happiness. xx


  1. Happy New Year to you, hope that 2012 brings all your families wishes what a lovely thing to do with the lantern 🙂 We did not go out parting the night away either but did watch the fireworks on TV pretty spectacular 🙂


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