My hero

The feeling when he comes onto stage is one of love. Not passion or excitement but love.

I love Billy Bragg.

Oh yes you know I’m a fan and have been for years. I suppose everybody has someone that they can’t imagine having missed out on in life. For me it’s him. He is the only artist that makes me feel this way.
He appears with no fanfares. He is honest and real. And yes he transports me back to being 15 again. My brain suddenly remembers every line of every song. That feeling when it comes out of your mouth before you even seem to have thought it.
I’ve not always agreed with him. But his passion I could never argue with.
No other artist or band I have ever seen gives so much of themselves on stage. The trouble is I saw him before I saw anyone else. And since then no-one has ever matched up. Most play the songs but speak very little. Or if they do speak they aren’t speaking about anything real or anything in particular.
I saw him again last night at the Leadmill. I’m not a superfan. I don’t even own every record.
But for me the artist of choice is Uncle Bill.

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