Ups and Downs

I definitely write more often when Paul’s out. Because I’m bored and avoiding housework largely.

Building on yesterday’s more depressed theme I thought I’d better do an update for fear that anyone worries about me. I’m actually fine just being a whinge-bag.

1. Phoebe got through only one pair of pants today. Mostly through my involvement at key points but you can’t have everything.
2. I didn’t shout today. Even when I realised on reaching school that I had forgotten Tilly’s lunch and book bag.
3. Have decided my toe is just mashed and no broken. If I could get by without shoes I’d be fine.
4. The kids are already enjoying Father Christmas on DVD and our Christmas books are out. It’s too early but I don’t care. It makes me and them smile. I think I’ve managed to convince Tilly not to leave Father Christmas a present out by suggesting that the present to-ing and fro-ing might confuse him.
5. Tilly asked me how toothpaste is made. She had imagined it was like wine. I have spent all day chuckling at the thought of people squishing a vat of toothpaste with bare feet.
6. The builder starts on Monday.

1. I’m knackered. P woke three times last night, and T once. She ended up sleeping with me because I was too tired to move. When I woke in the morning I was teetering on the edge of 4 inches of my king size mattress. How do children do that?
2. Still no paperwork from the bank. I rang again and she is resending tomorrow. Useless.
3. Paul still isn’t here.
4. I still have no wine.
5. The builder starts on Monday.

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