Scarecrow Refusal

Ok I know all children are different. I am very aware of specifically how different my girls are, but this morning highlighted it further.

Phoebe was supposed to be a scarecrow this morning in the Harvest assembly. As such I sourced a checked shirt, jeans and a floppy hat as requested by the preschool. I attempted to dress Phoebe in the costume.
Phoebe went ballistic saying she didn’t want to be a scarecrow. Then saying she didn’t want to go to school.
Paul was concerned this was about her not wanting to be in the limelight. It now transpires it was almost entirely about the fact that the shirt a) belonged to a boy and so therefore b) was not a pretty frock. She also refused to wear the hat. I suspect had it been a tiara she’d have gone with it.
There are two things to note here. The first is how did I managed to bring up someone so girly? She’s always wanted to wear a dress for as long as I can remember. She would prefer it to be green. She knows her own mind alright. I actually had to buy dresses specifically for her at her request because we hardly had any for Tilly.
Secondly while Tilly follows instruction, request and rules, Phoebe, (on the whole) does not, as evidenced by the following:
Phoebe (Standing by the treat jar): “Can I have a sweet?”
Me: “No Phoebe your dinner is ready”
Phoebe: “Please can I have a sweet?”
Me: “No Phoebe your dinner is on the plate”
Phoebe then takes sweet out of the treat jar in front of me and puts it in her mouth. Phoebe then spends some time on the naughty step.
Don’t get me wrong differences are cool. Differences make the world interesting. It’s just that I’m so not used to defiance. It’s going to be an interesting ride.

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