Dave Gorman

I was fully expecting our night out on Friday to be just as ridiculous as the previous one but the curtains stayed on the wall and Tilly accepted that now wasn’t the time to continue putting her books in alphabetical order. All very uneventful thankfully.

I’d love to review Dave Gorman’s show properly but I just can’t. Largely because any thorough review would be full of “spoiler alerts” the use of which just annoy me frankly, about as much as I imagine they would annoy him.
I will say that he was hilarious and didn’t let me down on the use of technology we’ve all come to expect. I absolutely loved Googlewhack which we recently watched on DVD, but had not yet seen him live. His current show loses a little from not having a journey associated to it I think, but I still laughed so hard my face hurt.
Of course it also helps that I think he is lovely. My favourite people are mostly those who:
a) make me laugh, and
b) I imagine would be nice to have a pint with.
Dave Gorman fits into this perfectly. If I find out he’s really horrible I’ll be hugely disappointed.

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