I who know nothing

I went out on Wednesday. Actually I went out once last week too. My social life must be hotting up.

As well as going out I also went back in time about fourteen years and went to a pub quiz. We used to go to a music pub quiz when we were 21 and often knew some answers and sometimes even won beer. To be fair I think that was mostly due to my other team members but it was so long ago I’ll claim joint glory.
Anyway this wasn’t a music quiz. It was a random general knowledge type quiz with a smattering of local knowledge questions.
It transpires that we don’t know:
1. The capital of Vietnam (despite one of my team having been there)
2. Which country has a new tax on high fat food (despite me watching it on the news that morning)
3. Who the MP for Sheffield Central is (despite him actually being a friend of a team member)
Less surprisingly we also knew nothing about Super League, football, dart boards and fairly obscure Beatles lyrics. And a host of other things.
We got 5 right and 15 wrong. I expected to be no help, and I wasn’t. But to be honest it was hard to be embarrassed when we were all fairly hopeless. The extra positive bit was that I didn’t talk about the children all night (just a little bit), and I laughed a lot. I did however swear at one point and was a little frightened because the black board read “If you want to swear, drink elsewhere”/ Fortunately no-one lynched me.
It seems we will be going back. Someone won last week with 11 out of 20 so for some reason my friends think it’s within the realms of possibility that we could be victorious. I have my doubts.
My friend feels that we all need a specialist subject for next week and set us homework to read different sections of the newspaper. I thought she was kidding. Then I met her this morning as 9.15am and she said she’d finished reading today’s newspaper. Very commendable and a bit mad. But also, how the hell did she manage to read an actual newspaper AND feed her three children and get them to school and playgroup before 9.15am?

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